June 2, 2023


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BYD opens electric car factory in Thailand and ready to distribute to Cambodia

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Chinese company BYD to open first electric car plant in Thailand to capture ASEAN and European markets After the Chinese company signed a contract with real estate company WHA of Thailand and after announcing a partnership with local distributor River Automotive.

The electric car plant will be built on a 96-hectare site in WHA’s industrial park in Rayong province, with operations scheduled for 2024 with a production capacity of 150,000 units per year.

It should be noted that BYD has announced that it will start importing its electric vehicles to foreign markets such as Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan and Cambodia.

Jareeporn Jarukornsalkul, CEO of WHA, expressed confidence that BYD’s plant presence would boost investment in electric vehicles in the future. The supplier of spare parts for electric vehicles will enter Thailand in a row.Last month, the Investment Council of Thailand approved BYD’s 18 billion baht investment project to produce electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the ASEAN country.

Apple has announced the second-generation Air Pods Pro with twice the noise-canceling H2 chip. In fact, at first glance, this new generation of headphones is similar to the previous Pro model as well.

In this update, the body of the headphone has a slight stripe for volume control, and the silicone rubber on the end of the headphone also offers a variety of options for extra ears, such as XS size, small, medium and large.

Apple adds that the Air Pods Pro offers richer bass quality and crystal clear sound, even at high frequencies.

As for battery life, Apple claims that it can use up to 6 hours for a single charge, while its box increases the power up to 30 hours, while the previous model can only use 24 hours. In addition, the new box features an easy-to-find speaker port with Find My and IPX4 waterproof and antiperspirant protection.

The next-generation Air Pods Pro will go on sale September 23 for $ 249.

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