June 2, 2023


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Disco Elysium Steam PC version finally supports Japanese with patch

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ZA/UM’s irregular RPG ” Disco Elysium ” PC version now supports Japanese. Steam has the latest patch to fix it.

 This work is a 2D RPG whose main character is a middle-aged man who wakes up after drinking and going wild in a hotel with no memory. Together with his partner, the glasses man Kim Kitsuragi, he will pursue a certain incident in a gloomy town.

 The style of the game is like a tabletop RPG, where you can solve various problems by specializing your abilities.

 By the way, this work has a lot of lines in the first place, various voices in the mind speak to you, and there are self-tsukkomi notes, so there is a huge amount of text that you have to read while playing. There must be quite a few people who bought the PC version and put it to sleep. I am grateful that the PC version also supports Japanese in line with the domestic expansion of the home console version (although the patch delivery was a little late).

 In the PC version, you can switch between Japanese and other languages ​​by pressing the Q/L key, so you can play while switching between Japanese and English. It would be good to use it in a style such as playing in English and looking at Japanese if you don’t understand it, or switching to English if you are worried about the description in English after playing in Japanese.

 This magazine also includes a review article in line with the release of the home version, so if you are interested in what kind of game it is, please check it out.

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