June 1, 2023


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Huawei Ecosystem Summit · Cambodia 2022 “Unleashing Potential for Digital Cambodia”

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HUAWEI Cambodia holds the largest annual Huawei Ecosystem Summit · Cambodia to be held on December 14, 2022 at the HYATT Regency Hotel in Phnom Penh for the purpose of gathering and uniting software developers. Relevant institutions, media content providers to explore new opportunities and empower digital transformation in Cambodia, presided over by His Excellency Dr. Heng Sok Kong, Secretary of State, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, with the participation of state institutions Relevant sectors such as the private sector, universities focus on technology, large technology companies, software developers from more than 200 companies, who play a key role in driving and have the potential in the digital sector.First, the event focuses on the benefits of the HMS Ecosystem for digital industry or business with the launch of the new HMS Core solution and demonstrates best practices in any key industry or business. This meeting will explore how industries or businesses can benefit from Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Topics to be discussed include: HMS strategic direction, updates on the latest developments and launch of HMS industry solutions. Not only that, we have a better understanding of the latest practices in e-commerce, Gaming, Entertainment, Digital Travel and Tech to be better.

Key point 2: The meeting also focused on the technological innovations of Huawei’s HMS Core, providing opportunities for collaboration for local developers and partners in software services (eg Huawei Ads, Petal Maps, Petal Search, etc.) products. Hardware including Mobile Phone Tablet Wearable and computer products provided by Huawei Cambodia. All of this aims to support the digital development of local developers and enterprises.

Highlights 3: In addition to the theme of the event, “Unleash Potential for a Digital Cambodia”, we will explore the digital sector ahead, opportunities, what it brings to digital technologies such as Cloud, Al, and solutions for partners. Ecosystems can be applied in various industry scenarios to bring out the values ​​and opportunities to connect with the industry from experts.

Benefits of attending this meeting: • Connect with industry prospects and local big business leaders • Explore business opportunities with partners • Exchange ideas with top technical experts and software developers • Get deeper into advanced ICT Leading ones include Cloud, Al, Huawei Developer Community and Spark / Apps UP Summit.

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