March 29, 2023

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Ian Mobility Introduces Three-Wheel Electric Trucks to Promote Green Transportation in Southeast Asia

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On July 22, 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand, Annian Mobility, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Southeast Asia, unveiled the ONiON T1c, a battery-powered electric transport vehicle.

The ONiON T1c is based on the company’s own proprietary electric tricycle platform, and the company also offers the ONiON T1 passenger electric vehicle. Both vehicles are designed for the user, equipped with interchangeable batteries to reduce the cost of ignition loss and increase vehicle utilization with functional design to increase storage space and control system. The battery of the vehicle and for controlling the safety of the vehicle. ONiON T1c will be limited to 2022. Various scale production is planned for 2023.

The ONiON T1c, which is being unveiled to the public at Future Mobility Asia’s innovation exhibition in Bangkok, is designed to meet the growing trends and necessities of “fast” delivery, as well as the push towards Find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that corporations are involved in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chain. ONiON’s electric tricycle platform offers the flexibility to navigate narrow or congested roads in Southeast Asia with a tricycle size of 3095 mm by 1,400 mm. In addition, the T1c also provides adequate load capacity of up to 500 kg without affecting power with a top speed of 45 km / h.

With a range of 80 km when the battery is fully charged, the T1c is capable of up to 14 km / kWh, and compared to tricycles or vehicles running on LPG, the equivalent of a gasoline-powered vehicle. Internally, CO2 emissions are estimated to be less than 1.15 tons per year if driving an average of 60 kilometers per day.

The ONiON T1c is currently being tested with a project with CP Group’s 7-Eleven in Bangkok, Thailand. In partnership with CP Group subsidiary ALLNOW Logistics (“ALLNOW”), Hyundai Glovis with ONiON Mobility, ONiON T1c is being launched at select 7-Delivery stores. The pilot brings the fruits of a memorandum of understanding signed in May between ALLNOW and Hyundai Glovis this year to develop business models based on environmentally friendly transportation services using Electric and hydrogen vehicles.

“We recognize our responsibility as a delivery operator by supporting Thailand’s major Mart brand stores to ensure that customers receive convenience and quality service that does not compromise. This pilot project demonstrates our efforts to evolve to find sustainable solutions with our partners to build our leadership in a sustainable clean environment. We are also moving towards a greener future. ” Mr. Jatugon Chatiyanonda, CEO of All Now Management Co., Ltd.

ONiON currently operates nine battery exchange stations in Phnom Penh, including Mega and its affiliates, with partners such as PTT and Total Energies. Battery replacement stations are helping to increase the use of ONION T1 vehicles installed in Cambodia, which now stands at 450 and is set to reach 3,000 in the next 12 months.

As for the company’s plans to expand to Thailand, CEO Kay Woo said, “We look forward to bringing our sustainable and equitable mobile ecosystem to Thailand. We will work with local partners.” To ensure that values ​​are created and shared with drivers, passengers and local businesses in Thailand. Starting with this pilot project with 7-delivery, we aim to share other products in our mobile ecosystem. “Like TADA and the ONiON T1 passenger tricycle in Thailand.”

About Ian Mobility

Launched in 2021 to revolutionize the transport network of Southeast Asia, Aian has been introduced in Cambodia with the launch of the ONiON T1, a battery-replaceable electric bicycle supported and facilitated by the Aian network of substations. Mega, substations and partner stations are expanding in Phnom Penh.

As the first company in Southeast Asia, the electric vehicle and battery exchange platform has influenced TADA booking services as well as (“MVL”) Blockchain to redefine mobile services in a new ecosystem approach.

ONiON Mobility Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of MVLLABS Group.

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