March 29, 2023

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Toyota RAV4 2023 is out of shape, but the interior is really modern

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Toyota in Europe has announced the new 2023 RAV4, which retains the same look and feel as the previous model, but with a redesigned interior. That is, equipped with more modern technology.The highlight of the new car is the 10.5-inch touchscreen entertainment system we’ve already seen on the Corolla and Corolla Cross. This screen can connect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, can control by voice (Hey Toyota Voice Assistant), use Cloud-base navigation system that can know the actual traffic situation on the road ahead, as well as display From the parking lot near the consumer as well. It also has traffic sign recognition and weather alerts.

For this touchscreen, Toyota also provides a Smart Service Package to add remote functions such as playback and unlocking, air conditioning control, windows and lighting using MyT.

Coming to another most important screen is the 12.3-inch digital counter. It features the same driving modes as the Highlander, including Casual, Smart, Sport and Tough. In this counter, the driver can also change personalize with 3 different layout options.

Remarkably, the RAV4 2023 is equipped with a more sophisticated safety system. In that, the system warns of the obstacles that will be able to collide more effectively and safely. Toyota has also added emergency steering assist systems that can avoid collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

Although its appearance has not changed, the LED headlights have been updated to be slightly better than the previous series and equipped with new alloy wheels. At the same time, Toyota has added platinum white pearl for the Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid options.

The new RAV4 uses a 2.5-liter hybrid engine that produces 215 horsepower (for one pound) and 219 horsepower (for two pound). If it uses a Plug-in Hybrid, it produces 302 horsepower, powered by an electric motor and a two-cylinder. The gasoline engine is unlikely to be fitted on it.

Toyota RAV4 2023 will be produced during the third quarter of 2022 and its price has not been announced yet.

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